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Clinical Internship Program

Affordable Therapy for All

Quality therapy more accessible for everyone  

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Jamron Counseling believes that by healing and strengthening our inner selves, our clients can develop more efficiently in their workplace environments. For us provide access to therapy means more people achieving their goals and creating the best version of themselves. 

We're proud to partner with different universities from New York to help graduate students prepare for and develop their careers. Our aim is to provide students the resources to gain experience and specialize in the clinical areas that they choose. Clinical interns have the opportunity to put their advanced education into action while also receiving intensive supervision, mentorship, and training from our specialist team.

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Program Benefits

  • Clinical interns have smaller case loads that allows for more focused attention on each individual client.

  • Interns are totally knowledgeable regarding updated clinical practices within the field of mental health.

  • They work closely with their fully licensed supervisors on your case to ensure the highest level of care in your treatment.

  • Interns bring a fresh perspective to therapy with a strong commitment in working with their clients.

Meet Our Clinical Interns 

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Jerry Huang

Clinical Intern


  • Depression

  • Anxiety & Stress

  • Interpersonal Relationships


Allison Tortorella

Clinical Intern


  • Cultural Counseling

  • Behavioral & Cognitive Therapy

  • Trauma

Sandy Beach


Interested in joining our clinical internship program?
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