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Jamron Counseling can help your organization gain access to support services tailored for the needs of your members. Our services are created by a team of specialists trained to run groups, workshops and individual therapy. 

We would love to learn about your organization and help to promote the wellbeing of your members. 

How will a partnership help your organization?

Group therapy

Group Therapy

Group therapy creates a safe space and provides a support network to its members. One of the best things about group therapy is the ability to find members that have the same struggles as you and come to the realization that you're not alone. Another benefit is that make therapy more affordable. 

Art Class

Art Therapy Workshops

Combined with talk therapy, it can help people deal with strong emotions, increase self-awareness and self-worth and decrease stress and anxiety. Art therapy can involve a variety of creative expression including drawing, painting, or coloring, to name a few.

All Hands In

Building Community

Our different therapeutic tools will provide your organization increased cohesiveness and motivation to keep working on goals and strengthen the team relationship. Building community within your organization will enable your members to feel empowered and part of a supportive team.




During the Fall 2022, our team at New Women New Yorkers had the amazing opportunity to collaborate with Jamron Counseling for the holding of our very first Mental Health Support Group, for the benefit of the immigrant women we serve. The group was facilitated by Spanish-English bilingual Licensed Mental Health Counselor Michelle Blanco, who brought her expertise and passion to the sessions. The support group sessions and following individual consultations provided a safe and culturally competent therapeutic environment for a group of our community members to share their experiences and to learn mental health coping tools, and where they gained a sense of empowerment, control, and hope.


Talita DiGiorgio (She/Her)

Senior Program Associate - Individual Community Support

Let's work together

We have a team of specialists that will consider your goals and your budget to give the best proposal for your organization. If you have any questions click on Contact Us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

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