If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation session, we can be reached via the following:


Main Office               

P: 929-210-9333

E: jamroncounseling@gmail.com

Colin Jamron           


E: cjamronmhc@gmail.com

Brittany Butts           

P: (929) 314-3207
E: brittanybuttsmhc@gmail.com

Leon Zohrabian       

P: (347) 687-6616
E: leonzohrabianmhc@gmail.com

Stephanie Sanz         

P: (646) 801-0378
E: stephaniesanzmhc@gmail.com

Anna Michalczyk       

P: (224) 358-3285

E: anna.jamroncounseling@gmail.com

Steve Akchayan       

P: (914) 215-3148

E: steveakchayanmhc@gmail.com

Christine Atkinson    

P: (860) 880-2446

E: catkinsonlcat@gmail.com

Carly Messina         

P: (516) 229-1436

E: carly.jamroncounseling@gmail.com

Selma Zaki             

P: (646) 801-6662

E: selmazaki.jamroncounseling@gmail.com