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National Inspirational Role Models Month

Role models encourage us to be a better person, take chances, and be the truest version of ourselves. Therefore, they deserve to be celebrated. The month of November was set up to acknowledge the impact that contemporary and historic role models have on our lives. No matter your age, gender, or stage of life, having someone who inspires you to be the best version of yourself is always a positive thing. Role models are highly important for us psychologically, helping to guide us through life during our development, to make important decisions that affect the outcome of our lives, and to help us find happiness in later life by providing a reference point to work towards. Individuals chosen for recognition may include celebrities, historic figures, relatives, friends, activists, colleagues, or teachers. Whether the person is high-profile or not is not important. Their character and ability to inspire, guide, and teach carries much more value.

How to celebrate your role model?

November also happens to be National Gratitude Month, so we can take this opportunity to celebrate both. This month, we encourage you to focus on the person who motivates you and spend some extra time thinking about them, researching their work, or talking about them with others. If your role model is someone famous, your job is easy: send them fan mail, like their social media pages and posts, revel in watching or enjoying whatever it is they excel at, or immerse yourself in the subject or area they inspire you to pursue. If your role model is someone closer to you – meaning someone from your everyday life – then give them a phone call or thank them in person. You might feel quite uncomfortable or even embarrassed because you have to recognize and celebrate them in person, but it is good to remember that for maximum value, you have to do this face-to-face.

Here are some steps you can take:

1) Recognize your role model.

2)Let them know that they are your role model.

3)Explain how they have impacted, changed, or helped you and your life.

4)Thank them for being the remarkable and inspiring people they are.

You can also use #InspirationalRoleModelsMonth to post on social media.

And do not forget that you are a role model too. Your kids, younger cousins, friends, neighbors, or colleagues look up to you. You do not have to be famous or be incredibly successful in your career, be yourself, and you will change someone’s life for the better.

By: Alina Badzilouskaya

Mental Health Counseling Intern

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