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The Many Signs of Stress

Updated: Feb 23, 2023

International Stress Awareness Week is observed on November 7th-11th. It was created to increase awareness, provide information on how to recognize stress, and reduce the stigma of its effect on a person’s physical and mental health.

So what exactly is stress? Stress is a physiological and psychological response to events and situations in our environments that are triggering. It can affect our emotions and our behaviors in our everyday lives. Stress in moderation can be beneficial; it is a survival mechanism to help us adapt and survive. When chronically exposed to stressful events, these responses can become maladaptive and no longer serve their healthier purpose, causing changes in your physical and mental health. Life can become busy, full of responsibilities, tasks, and struggles of balancing all aspects of it. Identifying the signs of stress while managing everyday responsibilities can become challenging. Below are physical, cognitive, emotional, and behavioral symptoms of stress to look out for;

Physical Signs


Fatigue & Irregular sleep

Digestive Problems

Chest pain and increased heart rate

Low sex drive

Body Aches and pain

Increased or decreased appetite

Cognitive Signs

Difficulties with memory

Difficulties concentrating and thinking clearly

Poor Judgment

Inability to make decisions

Emotional & Behavioral Signs

Changes in eating habits


Excessive Worrying


Feeling impatient and irritable

Increased use of Alcohol or Smoking

Feeling overwhelmed

For more information on what stress is and to recognize the signs of stress, please see the links below.

By Carolay Ceballos

Mental Health Counseling Intern


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