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Under Pressure? Here are 5 ways to reduce stress from being overworked

Work can be quite a bit for just about anyone to handle and now with our world being so different with remote work being the norm for many, stress looks quite different nowadays.

With many work scenarios causing the lines between work and play time to be so blurred, how does one really remain grounded and balance the priorities of both? Here are 5 ways to fight back being overworked:

1) Pay attention to how you feel

When it comes to being overworked, it is important to realize that you hold so much power in being in control of some of those feelings by simply paying attention to them before they get worse. Mindfulness techniques are very useful methods to combatting the feeling of being overworked. Instead of keeping the stress tucked away in your head, try to pay attention to that stress in order to diagnose what you may need.

2) Create More Interests Outside of Your Work Environment

In order to continue balancing the work play lifestyle, try to step out of your comfort zone by bringing some more vibrancy to your life through new interests. This will help you to have something to look forward to that can bring actual pleasure and happiness.

3) Switch Up Your Weekly Schedule

Often times when combatting being overworked, the same old schedule and routine can be quite daunting and monotonous. Feel free to switch it up. Don’t just leave fun for the weekend, incorporate it into your weekdays so the overworked feeling can lessen.

4) Cultivate More Meaningful Relationships

Cultivating more relationships can bring forth more opportunities and can be just the thing you need to not feel like all you do is work. Maybe these new relationships can be just the bright light you have been looking for, whether they be at work, our outside the workplace. You may find that you are not alone in this feeling of burnout.

5) Try to keep your work hours to a specific range and fight back on going over if you can

This can be quite difficult, especially if work is now a remote environment, but it is important to remember that boundaries are necessary for one’s overall health and wellness. So, plan out your work hours vs. your hours of relaxation and joy so you can truly work at balancing the two in your life.

Work burnout can be very real and can take the pleasure out of things in your routine. It can feel as if it is all out of your control and even though at times, certain external forces are, it is imperative to remember that by setting boundaries and prioritizing time to reset should be the standard in your life always.

Wrote by:

Saidah Bullock

Mental Health Counselor Intern

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