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International Day of Happiness: Something to Smile About

Updated: May 19, 2023

What is the International Day of Happiness?

The International Day of Happiness is an annual global event arranged by the United Nations on March 20th. It serves to raise awareness of the importance of positive emotions for humanity and to help others to find ways to create happiness, reminding us that being happy is a human right worth celebrating.

the  art of happiness. Did you know that there's an international day of happiness?

History of International Day of Happiness

The first International Day of Happiness was held in 2013, led by the United Nations and its partner nonprofit group Action for Happiness. Its purpose was and continues to be to spread awareness that progress is not only about increasing economic growth, but about well-being and human happiness as well.

Why be happy?

Positive psychology is the study of what it is that makes life worth living. This includes studying happiness and its outcomes. Positive psychology research has shown that happy people tend to have better jobs, make more money, are better leaders, have more social support, give more to charity, live better, help others more, are physically healthier, and deal with problems better. Therefore, happiness allows us to have more success, have a better social life, live longer, and be kinder people.

How to Participate in the International Day of Happiness

According to Positive psychology, the five cornerstones of happiness are positive emotions, engagement, meaning, relationships, and accomplishments. Thus, on this International Day of Happiness: go out and socialize with others; engage in intentional activities that you enjoy and/or find fulfilling; actively and intentionally look for the “roses” or the positive experiences and feelings you have during your day; write down a few things that you are grateful for; and find contentment with what you already have!

By: Brianna Greenberg

Mental Health Counseling Intern


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