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As we are recovering from and learning to live with covid-19, Jamron Counseling has decided that we will begin offering in office sessions again after a several year hiatus, starting on July 5th, 2022. Select therapists will be available for in office sessions at Jamron Counseling locations across Brooklyn and Long Island for new and existing patients. Safety procedures and vaccination requirements will be in place to ensure the highest level of safe and effective care as possible. If you are interested in beginning or resuming in office sessions, please speak to your therapist of choice or contact Jamron Counseling Headquarters at or by phone at 929-210-9333. If you would like to begin or continue to have sessions via telehealth you may continue to do so as that will remain an option moving forward. 

 Wishing you and your loved ones good health. Thank you.

-Colin Jamron

President of Jamron Counseling

Dear present and prospective patients,

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