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Demystifying Couples Counseling: 5 Signs that it’s Time

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Couple therapy works, couple is enjoying their surroundings

Admitting that things are not going well in your partnership requires a lot of openness and

transparency between you and your partner. It can feel scary, and you may even wonder if it

will be worth your time and effort. Making the choice to go to couples counseling is a very big

step. It often comes riddled with confusion, anxiety, and the all too common question: “will this really help?”

To help demystify the process, we’ve outlined 5 common issues that indicate that a couple

could potentially benefit from seeking counseling.

1. Communication is poor, emotional intimacy is diminished

Do you constantly feel misunderstood, ignored or that you just can’t seem to get your point

across? You might be feeling unsure of what is happening with your partner emotionally,

wondering where the intimacy has gone. One of the most tangible outcomes of couples

counseling is both an increase in communication, as well as improvement in its quality. As you work with your counselor, you will learn tools that will help you connect, hear, and understand each other much better on a daily basis.

2. Arguments are getting more frequent

If you have picked up on an increase of conflict in your day-to-day life with each other. Whether they are small arguments or huge blowouts, it may be important to work on figuring out why. One or both of you may be going through something tough personally. Nonetheless, frequent arguments could indicate significant problems under the surface that need to be addressed.

3. Trust has been broken

This may be one of the most common reasons couples seek psychotherapy. Whether trust has been broken in the form of infidelity, or a series of deception or lies, there is a need to rebuild the foundation of trust. Couples counseling offers both parties a space to express their vulnerability and work through their pain.

4. A life setback is changing the way you connect with each other

Have you and/or your partner recently gone through something devastating? Have things not

felt the same since? Sometimes a setback in life can have an effect on a partnership. Be it the heartbreaking loss of a child, a health crisis, unemployment, or any other sort of turmoil,

keeping your bond strong is imperative to weather the storm. Giving yourself the time to go to couples counseling can only serve to unite you and give you additional strength.

5. Problems with physical intimacy

Sexual issues can express themselves in many ways and they can be both a symptom or a cause of relationship problems. Whatever issue it is you are facing, working with a skilled counselor can help you start tackling what is going on and hopefully lead to a more fulfilling intimate life.

The reasons touched on in this blog post are but 5 of the numerous reasons a couple would

seek out psychotherapy services. Even if none of the reasons listed resonated with you, couples counseling can benefit both you and your partner in ways you probably haven’t even

considered. If you feel as though your relationship could use some work, it may be time to take that step and ask for professional help.

It’s important to remember that most counselors offer some version of a free consultation so

you can decide whether they might be a good fit for you. Reach out and ask questions. Finding someone who is a good match allows you to reap the benefits of what may in fact be a life-changing experience.

This article was written by Bruna Moubarak, a resident Mental Health Counselor at Jamron


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