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World Day Against Human Trafficking

July 30th, 2022 is World Day Against Trafficking! Human trafficking is a deeply uncomfortable topic due to the fear, lack of understanding, and the feeling of powerlessness that it may induce in victims and witnesses alike.This discomfort is precisely the reason that we, the Jamron Counseling community, are going to talk about it!

Let’s start with a definition of human trafficking. The Blue Campaign defines human trafficking as forced labor, which is when “individuals are compelled against their will to provide work or service through the use of force, fraud, or coercion.” A common misunderstanding about human trafficking is that it is always sex trafficking, but it reaches beyond that into any type of forced labor including domestic servitude, and/or labor exploitation. In summary, it’s enslavement.

Now let’s talk about the powerlessness that you might feel when approaching the topic of trafficking. I have had the privilege of working with survivors of human trafficking in my time as a trauma specialized counselor. I have witnessed first hand the profound impact of trafficking on children and adults alike. What I have learned is the importance of listening, believing their stories, and speaking up when your gut tells you that something is wrong. One way that we can empower survivors is to listen to their stories, bring attention to their experiences, and use our voices and resources to advocate for them.

Listed below are several resources and organizations to guide you in specific action points that you can take. These include recognizing the signs of trafficking, reporting trafficking, and learning how to volunteer and stay informed on trafficking news/updates.

Lastly, if you believe that you or someone that you know have been a victim of human trafficking, please know that at Jamron Counseling, we stand with you and we welcome you. We are happy to work with you and/or connect you to specialized professionals who can help you or your loved ones!

Wrote by:

Katie Fowler

Licensed Health Mental Counselor

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