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How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day YOUR Way

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Valentine’s Day can be a very tricky holiday to maneuver because of society’s mainstream message on how Valentine’s Day should be celebrated. Despite this, there are many versions of how Valentine’s Day can be done. Below are some ways you can celebrate the holiday your way:

1. Make Sure to Do Something for Yourself –Do an Act of Self-Love

On Valentine’s Day, it is important to do something that makes you feel loved. Whether it may be treating yourself to a nice dinner or take a visit to the spa. Self-love can be performed in many ways; it can even include taking a day off to care for your mental health. Use Valentine’s Day as a day to do something that makes you happy.

2. Spend Time with Loved Ones

Spending time with loved ones is a perfect way to kick away the lonely blues you may have if you don’t have a romantic partner to celebrate the holiday with. Feel free to bring some sweet treats and food while visiting. You can make the holiday a fun movie night with those you care about.

3. Loved Ones too Far? Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Them in Inventive Ways

With the unprecedented times of the global pandemic still occurring, it is important to send love to those near and far as much as you can. Create a zoom event to connect online, make it a fun time with trivia games to do while catching up over some conversation. Feel free to exchange care packages with one another as well to spread more love.

4. Use Some Self-Affirmation Exercises to Help Reframe Your Mindset for Valentine’s Day

Maybe you are struggling with trying to find a way to celebrate Valentine’s Day because you feel alone. It’s important to know that you are not the only one who struggles with this holiday. Using some self-affirmation exercises to breathe some positivity within can help you conquer the holiday a bit easier. See some self-love affirmations here to help you get started:

Valentine’s Day can be a difficult holiday for those who are struggling to feel the love in their lives during these unparalleled times. If you are struggling, know that you are not the only one experiencing these feelings, it is more than normal to feel this way. However, there are many ways to combat feelings of loneliness, especially during this holiday that celebrates love. You can celebrate Valentine’s Day your very own way through the ideas of love that best fit what brings you true happiness. There is not just one and only way to celebrate the holiday; it is a day full of endless possibilities.

Wrote by: Saidah Bullock

Mental Health Counselor Intern

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