Welcome to Brooklyn.

Jamron Counseling has been serving neighborhoods throughout North Brooklyn and Long Island with the goal of providing quality psychotherapeutic services. Our clinicians go beyond the traditional applications of psychotherapy. Whether through the use of art therapy activities, mindfulness exercises, or neurofeedback training we work diligently to help you work towards your best self.


We understand that starting therapy can be a personal and sometimes difficult decision. We will never ask that you move at a rate that you are not comfortable. You set the pace of therapy and we work to earn your trust. This philosophy has allowed us to help individuals struggling with a variety of different concerns, including anxiety, depression, relationship problems, personal development, and more. Our ultimate goal is help you achieve self-realization and actuation.


We are honored to be a part of your journey of self growth and discovery at Jamron Counseling.

Services Offered

Our Clinicians have worked diligently to enhance their strengths to offer a unique experience to our patients. Below are services that we are pleased to offer.

*Our aim is to provide accessible care to as many people as possible. As such, some of our services can be covered at in network rate with select insurance plans. For others, we work with most employer offered insurance plans on an out of network basis to provide greater access to mental health care. To keep therapy affordable, out of network costs will be capped at $50 maximum per session. To confirm your coverage please contact us.