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Mickey Field (He/His)

Mickey Field (he/him) is pursuing his masters degree in Mental Health Counseling from Hunter College. Grounded in a strengths-based, person-centered approach, he believes that the client is the expert on their own life. He sees the therapeutic relationship as an integral part of client progress and fosters a safe and affirming space for self-exploration. Therapy is personal and never one size fits all; therefore, Mickey approaches the therapeutic process through an integrative and holistic lens. He is particularly interested in issues surrounding anxiety, depression, relationships, self-worth, gender identity, and sexuality. Mickey’s queer and transmasculine identities inform his practice and he is committed to understanding the cultural, social, and political systems his clients are coming from. Through empathy and collaboration, Mickey believes clients can feel empowered to reach their goals and trust their innate ability to thrive.

Therapist specialties

Gender Identity

Languages spoken


Education and training

Master in Mental Health Counseling - Hunter College


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