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Hans Zhang (He/Him)

Hans was born and raised in China and is bilingual in Mandarin and English. He holds a B.A. psychology degree from UCLA, and is currently working on his Master's in Mental Health Counseling at New York University. Hans is also experienced in cognitive science research, which informed his evidence-based counseling orientation. 


Hans' clinical interests include grief, loss, demandingness, death anxiety, living stress, depression, and interpersonal and intimate relationships. He utilizes existential-humanistic and Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy (REBT) approaches that draws his counseling philosophy from Existentialism and post-modern deconstructionism. Together, Hans and his clients will explore the depths of a full and authentic life, harvesting the wisdom that lies within self, love, freedom, and responsibility.


Operating from a multicultural and diversity-sensitive lens, Hans teaches nothing and believes people themselves are the ultimate goal. By creating a safe and affirmative space stayed in here and now, Hans is water that carries his clients' thoughts in reaching unconditional acceptance of themselves. 


If you are curious to embark on a heroic journey toward your liberation within, Hans is here to walk alongside.

Therapist specialties

Interpersonal & Intimate Relationships
Grief & Loss

Languages spoken


Education and training

Master in Mental Health Counseling - New York University


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