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Hailey Bean (She/Her)

Hailey is working towards her M.A. in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness at New York University. She focuses on creating a warm and cooperative space in the therapy room, catering to each individual’s unique ways of processing and being in the world. Hailey has studied physiology, yoga, meditation, and breath-work and draws on this combined knowledge to help clients develop a greater awareness of the mind-body connection. Adopting a person-centered, holistic approach, Hailey aims to guide her clients to a grounded place of self-trust, self-love, and lasting growth. Together as a team, she works with clients to craft a toolbox of tangible coping skills to take with them into their daily lives.

Therapist specialties

Self Esteem
Coping skills

Languages spoken


Education and training

Master in Mental Health and Wellness - New York University


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