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Location: 2 St Nicholas Ave, #31, Brooklyn, NY, 11237

Duration: 1 hour

As individuals, we all go through pain. That pain may be physical or mental, and is an experience that we share universally. Despite this, we still believe that we need to control that pain and ultimately eliminate it. The biggest problem with this is that oftentimes, the way we cope with this pain ends up exacerbating the very thoughts, feelings, and emotions that we're looking to get rid of. Focusing our attention solely on eliminating pain distracts us from pursuing commitments that would foster a meaningful and fulfilling life. 


Acceptance and commitment training was developed to offer a new option for dealing with pain by coming in to contact with it, fully accepting its existence and pursuing what is meaningful within it. If you are looking to end the fight with your anxiety, depression, insecurities, trauma and anything else that is painful to you, please join us for an 8 week intensive training that will help you to start living again.

Over the course of these 8 weeks you will be guided through the core ideas of acceptance and commitment therapy and be given the opportunity to practice techniques to explore ways to best pursue what is meaningful to you in your life.


The workshop is led by Brittany Butts, LMHC, lead therapist at Jamron Counseling's Bushwick office. To register for the workshop, please click on the "Book Online" tab above. For additional questions, please contact Brittany at     

Acceptance and Commitment Training: 8 Week Workshop

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