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Not Feeling Thankful This Thanksgiving?

Struggling with the upcoming holiday season? You’re not alone! While the holiday season is known to be filled with happy memories, food, family and friends, it can also elicit many feelings of stress, anxiety, sadness and more. The pressures to feel grateful during this time can be overwhelming, especially when others around you seem to be grateful and happy.

Sometimes focusing on what you’re grateful or thankful for in a time when you aren’t feeling that way can create frustration. If you are feeling any of this, here are some ways to cope with the struggles and challenges of the upcoming holiday season:

1. Accept your feelings and be compassionate with yourself!

2. Make a plan for stressful or challenging interactions.

3. Make a schedule or plan for yourself if you are going to be alone.

4. Start the day with thinking about one positive thing in your life.

5. End the day with something positive.

Whether or not you are with loved ones, or feeling grateful during the holidays, think about what makes you happy and write it down. Try incorporating this practice into your day. Sometimes it can be the small things that can turn a bad day, into a better one!

Here are some suggestions:

6. Take a walk

7. Meditate

8. Listen to your favorite song

9. Watch your favorite movie

10. Take 5 deep breaths

11. Step into the sunlight

12. Eat your favorite snack

13. Think one positive thought

14. Call a loved one

15. Smile :)

By: Michelle Zak

Mental Health Counseling Intern

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