Neurofeedback NYC

Neurofeedback (also referred to as EEG biofeedback) is a non-invasive, neuroscientifically informed approach that uses EEG technology to observe and measure brainwave activity in real-time. The moment to moment brainwave recordings is used to guide and teach the individual how to reduce unwanted symptoms and self-regulate through audiovisual reinforcement. It is based on the medical model of psychology that believes abnormal behavior can be attributed to underlying neurophysiological mechanisms. Neurofeedback offers a unique service in which the patient can be treated on a neurophysiological basis by using the patient's brainwaves as indicators of distressing symptoms. 

Our office uses the New Mind amplifier and New Mind Maps for Brain Maps (qEEG) and Neurofeedback training. Brain maps can also be used on its' own to inform subsequent psychotherapy sessions with one of our therapists.

The recommended amount of sessions for the best results is a minimum of 20 sessions with training twice a week. To assist with assist with the costs, we offer in house financing for the purchase of any one of our Neurofeedback packages. Download our Financing form for more information.

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