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Introducing Neurofeedback:

Brain Map


Brain Maps (also known as qEEG) include the following:

- Cognitive emotional checklist

- Interactive Self Inventory

- qEEG recording and interpretation of results

This is a perfect first step for those who are curious about Neurofeedback training or who simply would like to get a glimpse into their neurophysiological functioning. The brain map alone can help with other psychotherapeutic interventions. 

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Neurofeedack in New York


Neurofeedback is based on the medical model of psychology that believes abnormal behavior can be attributed to an underlying physiological causation. Neurofeedback adopts and combines the medical model with Neuroscience to offer a unique service in which the patient can be treated on a neurophysiological basis by using the patient's brainwaves as  indicators of distressing symptoms. It allows the clinician to gain insight and a deeper understanding of the patient's distress from a neuroscientific perspective.


Medical Model Redefined

EEG biofeedback, Neurofeedback in brooklyn


Neurofeedback (also referred to as EEG biofeedback) is a neuroscientifically informed approach to psychotherapy that uses EEG technology to observe and measure brainwave activity in real-time. The moment to moment brainwave recordings is used to guide and teach the individual how to reduce unwanted symptoms and self-regulate through audiovisual reinforcement.


Our Neurofeedback Services

We believe that specialization takes precedence over generalization. In order to provide the most thorough and efficacious treatment we specialize in Peak Performance and the treatment of depression and anxiety related symptoms. Below are the rates and packages that we offer.

Peak Performance Training:

$150 - Per Neurofeedback Training Session

$500 - 5 sessions package ($250 discount)

Depression and Anxiety Treatment:

$250 - Required Intake Session

$150 - Per Neurofeedback Training Session


The intake session, which includes the brain map, must be purchased first. After the brain map is completed, the patient has the option to select either of the following package:

$2500 - 20 Sessions package ($500 discount)

$3700 - 30 Sessions package ($800 discount)

Jamron Counseling is excited to offer Neurofeedback training at our Bushwick location.

Our office uses the New Mind amplifier and New Mind Maps for non-invasive data acquisition and training. 

Neurofeedback NYC

Financing Available

We are proud to offer in house financing for the purchase of any one of our packages. Download our Financing form for more information.

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The recommended amount of sessions for the best results is a minimum of 20 sessions with training twice a week.

To have a free consultation please fill out the Pre-screener form and email it to

About our Neurofeedback Clinician: Stephanie Sanz is a Mental Health Counselor with additional education and training in EEG Biofeedback from the New Mind Academy. She would be happy to set up a consultation and answer any questions you may have.

She can be reached at (646) 801-0378 or via email at An appointment can also be booked by clicking the "Book Online" tab above. 

For more information on Neurofeedback please visit the International Society for Neurofeedback and Research