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Traveling can be difficult when dealing with mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression. For some people, an effective way of alleviating these concerns is by obtaining a qualified emotional support animal (ESA) that can travel with them. Traveling with an emotional support animal can often reduce symptoms on flights and during the course of travel. 

There are many websites that claim to offer such letters without ever meeting with you. Most of these offers are illegitimate and will not enable you to determine the need for an emotional support animal nor allow you to travel with one. Such letters can only be provided by a qualified mental health professional who has taken the time to meet with you and make a proper evaluation.

Assuming criteria is met, the letter can be provided on the same day. Please note that a letter will only be provided if determined appropriate by the therapist conducting the assessment. 

  • The animal does not need to be specially trained for this task, however it must be demonstrated that the animal can keep calm and behave in a variety of situations and will not provide a danger or distraction to those around (including barking and unwanted toileting).

  • The letter must be current and meet the criteria of the airline providing the transportation. Letters are good for one year.  

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Emotional Support Animal Letter Certificate

To schedule an assessment, please contact the Jamron Counseling Main Office at and include "ESA evaluation" in the subject line. E-mail will be the most effective method of scheduling an appointment. 

  • Be ready to discuss your mental health concerns with the clinician to help them assess for possible emotional or mental health concerns that would be relevant to the need for an emotional support animal. It is important to be honest.

  • Come prepared with any relevant mental health and medication history documentation that would aid in making the determination.

  • Bring the animal that you are hoping to have certified as an emotional support animal. This will enable the clinician to observe the animal and determine if it meets the behavioral criteria necessary for certification. 

  • Some airlines require specialized forms that they provide in order to validate an ESA. Do some research before the appointment to determine what is required in order to fly with your ESA. Please bring any relevant forms that you will need the therapist to complete.

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Tips for an effective ESA assesment:

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