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Group therapy can act as a support network and is the most effective way to provide a sense of community to those struggling with mental health. 

Group therapy Brooklyn NYC
Blue Skies

Current Therapy & Support Groups

Art Therapy for Creatives
Chronic Illness Support Group
Chronic Illness Support Group
Brittany Butts Facilitator of Chronic Illness Workshop


Online via Zoom





$50 per group session

Group Facilitator:

Brittany Butts


Join this 8-week ACT workshop (broken up into two parts) to learn about strategies for noticing and managing the difficult thoughts, feelings and emotions that come up throughout this health experience and find ways of committing to what is important to you through valued living.  Prepare to unlock validation, compassion and gratitude and reclaim agency over your health struggles.

Please contact Brittany Butts with any questions:

Openings for October and November
Anxiety group therapy

Previous Art Therapy Groups

Art Therapy Open Studio

Please contact Kiri Lester-Hodges with any questions  



Online via Zoom


Weekly on Sunday


4 PM - 5PM


Donation based

About group rules and informed consent 

Art Therapy Open Studio Brooklyn NYC
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