Online Therapy

Woman with Laptop

The introduction of tele-health has allowed our practice to widen our reach and offer counseling services throughout the world. Counseling can benefit everyone, but not everyone has the time to see a therapist in person. There are unfortunately many people that would appreciate the chance to start therapy but haven't due to concerns such as travel time and other more personal reasons. For some, the thought of sharing their concerns in person to a therapist is too overwhelming and not something they are ready for. Tele-health is an excellent therapy option that allows the provider and patient the opportunity to meet virtually from the comfort of your home or office.


Our practice uses HIPAA compliant software to conduct video sessions to ensure that we can offer tele-health that maintains confidentiality. With tele-health you simply need a computer or a tablet with a functioning webcam and a quiet place to set up in order to meet with one of our highly skilled and compassionate therapists. Therapy has never been easier.


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