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Group therapy can act as a support network and is the most effective way to provide a sense of community to those struggling with mental health. 

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Are you looking to return to your creative practice? 

Are you looking to return to your creative practice? 

Sometimes you could feel unmotivated because your self-judgement and being overly critical is stopping you. This workshop will offer insights into your individual creative process, tools to manage burnout, and challenges to overcome in finding your creative identity.


Art Therapy for Creatives is a FREE workshop for creative adults who practice across the arts (visual, music, dance, writting, etc.), and are looking to engage their creative processes in service of a positive emotional journey, while showing the importance of the creative act.

We have created a space to build a creative community in a welcome, educational environment where participants can feel cared for & centered.

Participants will be encouraged explore their creative selves thorugh writing and art making in a non-judgemental space created to celebrate and validate each individuals creative voice. 


About Lindsay Long

Lindsay holds a Master of Professional Studies in Art Therapy and Creativity Development from Pratt Institute. Access and equity are at the heart of Lindsay’s work. Her integrative approach to therapy includes trauma-informed, anti-oppressive, and multicultural frameworks. She seeks to ensure individuals receive care that promotes and respects their values and beliefs at every step of the way.


This group was inspired by conversations had by Lindsay with her friends and colleagues around creative burnout. As a visual artist herself, Lindsay understands how it feels to struggle with the motivation to create due to factors such as harmful self-criticism, perfectionism, and social media comparison. She understands how art therapy can benefit creatives, specifically, as it relates to their art practice and creative identity. This group will offer space to prioritize creative enjoyment, experiential art directives, and supportive discussion to help creatives gain insight into their creative identity. 

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