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Clinical Internship Program

Wellness and self development for everyone

Jamron Counseling believes that by healing ourselves and strengthening our smarts, our patients can develop more efficiently in their environment workplaces.

We're proud to partner with New York University's (name) to help and show them the career for graduate students to gain experience and specialize in the field that they choose. Clinical interns have the opportunity to put their advanced education into action while also receiving intensive supervision, mentorship, and training from our specialist team.


Our Clinical Internship Program allows us to make good therapy more accessible for everybody. For that, we always are looking for ways to make quality therapy for our patients and offer them these services at a lower fee.

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Program Benefits

- They have a smaller case load that allows for more focused attention.

- Students interns are totally knowledge updated of practices within the field.

- They work closely with their fully licensed supervisors on your case.

- Students are just emerging in the field and bring energy and enthusiasm to their work

Meet Our Clinical Interns 

Our Clients

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